Rick Brimhall has involved himself in photography for many years. He started working with a camera at the young age of 8 when he would make homemade movies. He was able to develop his talent more fully in high school, winning many awards for video productions. After years of shooting behind a digital video camera, he took a turn to a new medium—digital still photography.
  In 2003 Rick started his photography career primarily taking pictures of local bands and landscape photography. Within just a few short years of shooting digital photography, he was being hired to take pictures for people who enjoyed his artistic style. Weddings, engagements, portraits, family photos, bands, promotional shoots and landscapes were among the list.
  In 2005 Rick was curious to work with 35mm photography and black & white photography. He later sold his digital camera and bought a SLR 35mm Canon. He was able to learn the techniques of shooting in full manual mode. This made him more accurate as a photographer.
Throughout Rick’s work history he was hired to work for the Union Pacific Railroad where he was able to travel the countryside and capture images of what he found captivating. His clients have been drawn to him for his artistic eye and abstract photography as well as his traditional photography.
  Rick married his beautiful wife in 2009 who has supported him in his photography and plans to help expand his photography business. Thank you for looking at his photography.